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Help us spread the word on this highly effective system for breaking through the shackles of procrastination! Affiliates earn up to 70% revenue share for each sale.

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Notice that our Procrastination-Busting Newsletter will keep selling to your leads over many days.  Even if your traffic doesn’t purchase the moment they land on our site, you will still receive your commission if they purchase later.

Please note, it sometimes does take a few days for the conversion to occur…  as a visitor may purchase later.  This is powerfully beneficial because it allows us to close the sale for your credit.

Pay-Per-Click Keywords

Click here for a complete list of well-converting keywords you can use to promote Procrastination Pro.  Using these keywords will drive lots of traffic to this website and give you the best exposure for making sales through your affiliate link.

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Square Button 1: 125×125



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Square Button 2: 125×125



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Wide Skyscraper: 160×600



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Rectangle: 180×150



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Full Horizontal Banner: 468×60



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Leaderboard banner: 728×90



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Do You Want One-on-One Help?

We are dedicated to helping you succeed in promoting Procrastination Pro.   If you would like assistance with your marketing, please contact us for details.

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